Kabuki theatre is a training technique used by actors in the Japanese Kabuki tradition. It uses a number of bamboo canes to explore relationships, be it a work team, family group, a marriage, a group of friends, a community or an organisation. The technique looks at the power relationships between individuals and between groups and helps people understand the needs, desires, responsibilities and cultural values that affect our everyday lives. The bamboo canes help us to make real the unwritten contracts we have with other human beings that both unite and divide us.

Kabuki is a physical process for groups and is accessible to everyone regardless of age or physical ability.

Content of Kabuki sessions

Kabuki works well exploring themes of human interaction.

Examples of training sessions include:

  • bullying and harassment
  • managing effectively
  • leadership
  • team dynamics and co-operation

Is the Kabuki technique suitable for my organisation?

The Kabuki technique only works as a group activity and is suitable for groups or teams who wish to explore in greater depth their working relationships, create stronger bonds and gain a greater understanding of the difficult issues that confront them. It works well for teams of sizes eight to sixteen (though larger groups can be observers as well as take turns in experiencing the process). A large empty space is needed for the process to work.


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