In order to become a great leader you need to be a good communicator. At BeInclusive we take pride in being able to communicate well and are experienced in adapting our training style to suit the space, audience and subject matter with which we are often asked to work. As experienced practitioners in the art of communicating we understand all too well how daunting it can be to stand in front of your peers or group of strangers and give a speech; to appear confident and believable; to be sure your message is clear and understandable; to be entertaining and yet strike an attitude that is commensurate with your subject matter, in short, to communicate well.

Our Presentation Skills Coaching is carried out on a one-to-one basis and can be a single session or carried over three or four sessions. We can also coach teams or groups of people from the same organisation, but each will have individual sessions, i.e. a selection of managers requiring coaching. Before each coaching session it will be necessary to see each individual make a presentation, this can either be a real presentation observed by our trainer or in the case of groups, individuals can make a number of presentations together in the morning before each is given a private one-to-one on their speech exploring their individual needs.

Content of Presentation Skills coaching

Everybody’s strengths and weaknesses are different and consequently the help and advice given is always on a private and individual basis. The sessions are practical, not just theory, so be prepared to actually work through your presentation and try out different techniques. It can be tiring and frustrating while at the same time illuminating and really build your confidence. Each individual session lasts one and a half to two hours, plus time to see an initial presentation.

  • Examples of skills and techniques used includes:
  • Voice (projection, pitch and rhythm, phrasing, inflection, stress)
  • Body (posture, gesture, body language, nervousness)
  • Space (adapting your speech to the space)
  • Power Point (how to use effectively)
  • Communicating (emphasis, empathy, sincerity, appearance, confidence)


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