An organisation increases its chance of achieving real, lasting change when everyone involved shares your vision of what it is you want to achieve – when they’re inspired to take responsibility for bringing about the outcome.

Where BeInclusive can add real value is by working with your operational managers, where execution of strategy takes place but where organisations tell us change is difficult to create; where for many businesses it’s hardest to turn their business strategy into reality.

With our Team Coaching, managers at the frontline get the coaching skills they need to be great team leaders. We use innovative training such as Kabuki and Forum Theatre to increase the leadership potential of managers who lead people everyday, so that they can enthuse and motivate their teams to achieve great results in their workplace.

Depending on what your team wants to achieve we can provide a one off bespoke training session with our unique training methods using Kabuki or Forum Theatre or we can help a team build strength and resilience by delivering 3 or more coaching sessions over a period of time.


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BeInclusive’s coaching method helped our team draw a focused picture of what success looks like, and created a foundation for our business building. In the end, it’s all about results. I have no hesitation in recommending Satya’s coaching to maximize every team’s potential.
Betty Carr, Vice President and Group Publisher, Metroland Media Group