Life coaching

There is something remarkable about Satya; her trust creates a profoundly positive environment around you. Her encouragement to delve deeper into the world has given me a vision greater than myself. I am incredibly thankful for Satya’s guidance in becoming the strong, confident woman I am today. It is my wish for those fortunate to receive Satya’s life coaching to allow her the opportunity to renew your passions. To embrace her unrelenting support, her nurturing direction, and her incredible knowledge, is to embrace a life filled with possibilities.
Ghazala Knight, Leadership Development Liaison, Tri-mentoring Program, Ryerson University, Toronto Canada
I guess you could say that before I started having coaching sessions with Satya, my inner gremlin was something that had a pretty big hold on my identity. I was shy, confused, lost with no real sense of direction of where my life was heading. I remember at the end of my first session I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I went home with a smile on my face and spent the rest of the night writing. Something that I had given up because I felt I was an awful writer. Over the next few months, Satya provided me with the tools and exercises to look within myself and to create my own identity.

Life Coaching is different for every one. For me it was finding my own identity, having goals, shrinking my inner gremlin to the size of a pin and most of all having the courage and the confidence to write again. I haven’t achieved everything I wanted but I’m planning to live to 100 and I know I will achieve all my goals. I now write a blog and currently working on a short story, which I’m hoping to adapt in to a play one day soon. So thank you Coach for providing me with the strength to overcome my inner gremlin. And thank you for helping me regain my love for writing

Ash Shah, Writer and blogger UK

Executive coaching

Looking at my challenges differently changed my prospects and now I believe I can do anything. I used to believe in the glass ceiling. Most of my peers and superiors are male, and I assumed that this fact limited my opportunities for progress. Working with Satya helped me to see my real potential. She started by leading me through an honest inventory of my beliefs and assumptions, which informed my decisions about how I approached my colleagues and customers. Satya helped me develop strategies and techniques, which enabled me to check out and challenge my beliefs and assumptions which were undoubtedly limiting my potential. As I worked with Satya, I began to identify and recognise my strengths and realised I could build on them further. I began to see real changes in myself. I began to get amazing feedback from my colleagues in my immediate workplace and from colleagues in other countries (people whom I believed did not take me – and other women – seriously). Most importantly I got amazing feedback from my superiors – my boss and others – and I have been given greater responsibilities. And guess what? The glass ceiling doesn’t seem to be holding me back any more. Satya’s coaching has enabled me to appreciate my strengths more, have greater belief in myself and now I see a future within the business that I just couldn’t see before.
Cheryl, Senior Executive, Toronto
I found the coaching sessions to be very helpful in improving leadership performance. Satya helps you focus on what qualities and values make you a leader and how to fully utilize and develop your leadership style. She helps you confront and develop in those areas beyond your “comfort zone”.
Doug Waite, EVP Sales and Operations, Parmalat, Canada
When Satya commenced coaching some of my senior reports , I was not sure what to expect. In fact I was a bit sceptical. But I was pleasantly surprised – The individuals she spent time with evidenced strengthened leadership skills , growing assurance and self confidence. I allocated additional responsibilities to these senior reports as a consequence, and they have thrived. A Professional coach is an excellent investment that gives tangible business benefits. Satya is a very effective coach.
Nash Lakha, CEO, Parmalat, Canada
When my university asked me to take a lead role on equality, diversity and inclusion, it seemed to me to be a huge responsibility that I simply had not been trained for, despite being a professor, and having done work on gender issues in the past. Satya became my thinking partner. She helped me break the role down into manageable chunks and to match each one to skills and experiences I either already had or could quickly acquire. Getting myself up to speed became an enjoyable challenge instead of a big risk, and I became competent and confident in the new role within a few weeks.
Professor Rona Abramovitch, Ryerson University, Toronto
We had a new executive team and little time to maximize leadership for a fast-changing future. Working with Satya (CEO, BeInclusive), the team quickly converged and grew into a high-performance group. First, Satya takes the time and effort to learn about the company, the team, any issues and the goals for the exercise. She builds with a firm yet compassionate hand and encourages honest self-evaluation. She is able to renew a team’s energy and align their performance. Satya’s, Executive Coaching method helped our team draw a focused picture of what success looks like, and created a foundation for our business building. In the end, it’s all about results. I have no hesitation in recommending Satya’s coaching to maximize every team’s potential.
Betty Carr, Vice President and Group Publisher, Metroland Media Group

Forum theatre

Today was one of the most informative and inspiring days I have attended at work! It was great to spend the time on this key topic and in such an interesting way. I would love my Store Managers to have something similar and also cultural awareness training as a follow up perhaps. Thanks so much for the day!
Senior Manager, The Body Shop
After today’s workshop I’d just like to feed back about how interesting and refreshing I thought the day was. I found that the format of the day worked incredibly well to highlight inclusion and diversity in the workplace. The level of knowledge around the subjects delivered by the external trainers was exceptional, with clear and concrete advice.
Senior Manager, The Body Shop
Can you pass on my thanks to the actors/ team for this course – definitely thought provoking and excellently executed.
Senior Manager, The Body Shop